We are now Burroughs International, LLC


Segue Consulting Group, LLC is now Burroughs International, LLC.   Please visit us at our new website:  www.BurroughsInternational.com


We are veteran executive coaches with over 40 years of leadership development and executive coaching experience.  Our staff has served in the top Organization Development roles for five companies.


In addition to our significant experience developing and coaching senior executives, we have held executive level positions with such companies as McDonnell Douglas, American Express, ARAMARK, Steris, Solae, DHR International, and others.  We are also former military officers who held senior leadership positions as well as leadership faculty positions at major US Army Schools.


We are thought leaders in the field of Executive Integration.


Our founder, Michael Burroughs, is the author of Before Onboarding:  How to Integrate New Leaders for Quick and Sustained Results.  This is a" five star" rated book on Amazon and is available HERE.







Michael K. Burroughs
Founder and President
Segue Consulting Group, LLC